LWT - Logging While Tripping

"A Revolution In Formation Evaluation"

Logging While Tripping (LWT) is a patented formation evaluation technique in which quality open hole logs are acquired in a method that is more cost effective, uses less rig time, and has fewer inherent risks than wireline, drill pipe conveyed, or logging-while-drilling methods. LWT allows open hole logs to be acquired in horizontal and hostile hole conditions where logging was previously impossible or uneconomic.  Example LWT logs versus Wireline can be accessed on the LWT Resources page.

Logging While Tripping Videos

LWT - Logging While Tripping Advantages:


  • Tools and radioactive sources safely located inside collar and retrievable
  • Full well control including pipe rotation and circulation during logging

Cost Effective

  • Significant rig time savings over wireline or pipe conveyed logging
  • Costs less than rig time used in methods requiring separate pipe trips
  • Considerably more economic than LWD data acquisition
  • Satisfies regulatory requirements
  • Provides complete formation evaluation


  • Memory based, battery powered instruments; no wireline required
  • Logs acquired through composite collar during normal pipe trip


  • Allows logging of problematic, directional, and horizontal wells
  • Minimal impact on drilling operations (collar inserted behind bit at any time)
  • No extra pipe trip required for insertion of LWT collar
  • No hole conditioning required
  • Compact equipment and small crew operation